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At Keynotive, we are on a mission to connect you with remarkable individuals and provide invaluable insight for every business domain. We help professionals and organizations achieve a new level of success through innovative learning and networking opportunities that they can’t access otherwise. We work with the most influential industry experts and plan, design and organize impactful and pragmatic learning experiences whilst creating opportunities for professionals and thought leaders to collaborate. Our aim is to enable professionals to explore and discuss current industry affairs, connect, share knowledge, find solutions and spark conversations. Simply put, we offer the perfect opportunity to reach the next level in your career.

We value outcomes more than anything and always approach everything we do by keeping our customers at heart. We strive for the best learning outcomes while making our events engaging, interactive and rich from start to finish. With a skilled team and over 20 years of experience in event management, we ensure quality and value in everything we do paying attention to every little detail.

Our Achievement

We Provide the Best Services


Our Story

A Team of Professionals

Our story started with a conversation that sparked an idea to combine digital technology, innovation with knowledge sharing. We wanted to bring forth change in the industry to fit the fast-paced modern world and develop learning and networking solutions that suit the modern business landscape. Since our incorporation, we have been working tirelessly to organize top tier events focused on results with a touch of inspiration and empowerment.

Our Skills

  • Event Management
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Industry Expertise

Our Manifesto

Our Goal is Your Success & Future Growth

Our manifesto defines the type of organization we wish to be. The purpose we want to have. The behaviors we want to see. And the clear goal toward which we are all working.

We strive to provide unique and innovative opportunities to learn, establish relationships and do business.

We always take time to research and develop our programs to share up to date knowledge with our clients.

Everything we do is customer-centric, value-based and outcome-focused, and we value practicality just as you do.

We combine technology, innovation with our two-decade of experience in the industry to deliver the most impactful and engaging learning and networking opportunities.

Our Vision

To become an innovative industry specific learning and networking solution provider ensuring value-based learning and networking events to improve and enrich people’s lives.

Our Mission

To deliver value, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty by providing personal and unique learning experiences that exceed their expectations and build long-term loyal relationships by consistently providing outstanding service that creates an impactful and exceptional event experience.

Our Accreditations


Our Events

Listen, learn and network for today and tomorrow. Our comprehensive programs led by industry experts and thought leaders are always outlined with one goal - to deliver an invaluable and interactive learning experience aimed for professional and personal development. Whether you need to know about the major developments taking place in your industry, learn from a thought leader or train your team in a critical area of business, we have the programs to suit your needs. Discover more about our programs here.

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