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2021-10-07 9:00

Course Overview

Working for more than a year in COVID19 pandemic conditions many companies are now deciding on the new hybrid work models. Part of the people continue to work from home (in some cases 60% or more) and the other part work in the office on a rotation principle, The challenge here is how to support individual productivity at home and moreover to enable and foster collaboration, communication and co-creation in hybrid teams.

The Online Masterclass “Talent Management in Hybrid Workplace” is a live 2 days program enabling BusinessLeaders, Entrepreneurs and Team Managers to unlock the full potential of their virtual and hybrid teams and organizations. It is also intended for HR Talent and L&D Directors, and Coaches willing to extend their skill set towards leading virtual, remote and distributed teams.

The program is based on the Award-winning system “Virtual Power Teams” developed by Peter Ivanov and is an ideal add-on to existing Agile and Scrum certifications and practices. The book “Virtual Power Teams” is translated in 6 languages - English, German, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian and Chinese, and is Amazon Top 3 in International Management.

The program provides a practical demonstration of how to enable and establish effective virtual collaboration. If you are about to lead or join a virtual team, then this experiential Masterclass is the right fit for You!

Over the last 25 years, Peter has been leading and coaching virtual teams with over 100+ organizations with whom he has been building trust, establishing structured communication and winning spirit despite the distance, time zones and various cultures. Together with managers, entrepreneurs and leaders from various organizations you will learn how to build and lead, virtual, remote and hybrid teams.

If you would like to deep dive into Virtual Leadership and hone your skills for Talent Management in Virtual and Hybrid Teams, please join the Online Masterclass!

Why join the event

Key takeaways of the program

How to build psychological safety in virtual and hybrid teams.

How to set the virtual team vision and goals.

How to leverage the unique strengths and personality of each team member.

How to enable Structured Communication and Collaboration in Hybrid Teams. The "contract" between the team members for using and respond- ing on the vital communication channels.

Best practices for highly engaging online meetings and workshops.

How to inspire and maintain the Winning Spirit across your distributed and hybrid teams.

Who Should Attend

An event precisely for you

Managing Directors, CXOs and Entrepreneurs
Managing Directors, CXOs and Entrepreneurs
Org Development and Org Effectiveness Leaders
Org Development and Org Effectiveness Leaders
HR, Talent, L&D Directors
HR, Talent, L&D Directors
Project Managers & Team Leaders of Large/International Projects
Project Managers & Team Leaders of Large/International Projects
Leadership Talents and Next Generation Leaders
Leadership Talents and Next Generation Leaders
NGO Leaders
NGO Leaders

The speaker

Meet your trainer

Peter Ivanov has over 25 years of international experience. Peter’s book “Virtual Power Teams” is Amazon Top 3 in International Management and is translated in 6 languages – English, German, Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish and Chinese. Born in Bulgaria he graduated Mathematics and gradually worked his way up to IT Services Manager for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Peter recognised the growing importance of the teams in multiple locations and developed an innovative method for leading Virtual teams. In 2007 the Team led by Peter won the“Best of the Best” award for outstanding Project management in establishing global Shared services. In 2012 his Team won the “Global IT Connect Award” for excellent Engagement in a global cross-functional environment. In 2013 Peter founded “Virtual Power Teams” and started his new career as a Keynote speaker and Executive coach on New Leadership.

As an expert in New Leadership, Peter helps Executives, Project Managers and Team Leaders to retain the gravity of their Team despite the geographical distance, time zones and cultural differences, and deliver Top business performance!

Peter Ivanov

Peter Ivanov

Author, Entrepreneur and Virtual Teams Expert
Virtual Power Teams

The Curriculum

What you’ll get from this exclusive event

Fresh Content

Knowledge is only useful when it is relevant. This event is based on the latest research, best practices and industry information. As a result, we close events with a strong knowledge base that helps achieve same-day results.


Meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals across the globe. Grow your professional network, exchange ideas, and learn more about the industry with your own peers, together.


Experience comes with practice, and this event will guide you on the right path in becoming a well renowned expert in your field. You will learn through a combination of lecture-based content, real-life case studies, and a more hands-on experience.

Q&A Session

By joining this class, you will be given the opportunity to constantly engage with your peers and raise your concerns, questions, or doubts you may have pertaining to the subject. And, receive well-founded, well-thought-out answers to your every need by leading experts in the industry. 

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