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2023-10-16 8:30

Course Overview

The ECIIA’s Risk in Focus 2022 Survey reported that Climate change and environmental sustainability is seen as a top five risk by as much as 31% of CAEs. This is up by as many as five places from last year's survey (2021). In the space of two years this topic has gone from a talking point to a principal item on risk maps and corporate risk registers. No other risk area has shown a bigger year-on-year increase and this is a continuation of a trend: in 2020 a mere 14% of chief auditors put climate change among their top five risks. But the environment is just one aspect of the ESG landscape – the social and governance aspects present existing, new and emerging areas of risk for all our organizations.

Do you want to stay ahead of the game and hear more about these topical ESG issues: Environmental, Social, and Governance? The Strategic ESG Auditing Masterclass will help you better meet your stakeholders’ current and future assurance needs with a high-level, strategic overview of a range of the topical issues in the ESG arena.

Businesses that drag their feet on sustainability are jeopardizing their futures. The third line therefore has an opportunity to cement its standing and demonstrate its value by “joining the dots” on this risk. Internal audit can assess what exactly it is that the company is doing to ensure its longevity by aligning its mission, values and strategy with the rising sustainability agenda, then flag any gaps between the company's ambitions and what it is doing in practice to fulfil those ambitions.

Our key stakeholders require internal audit engagements that are insightful, forward looking, and go beyond simply preserving value to creating value for our organizations. This course will show you where you can begin to provide effective, professional internal audit assurance on these critical subjects, enabling you to deliver well-received engagements that deliver the insight our boards need.

Course delivery will include facilitator input, topical examples, short practical discussions and task-based exercises to build upon your existing knowledge.

You will learn how to begin to provide effective professional internal audit assurance on these critical strands, including how to assess ESG risk and apply appropriate mitigation. You will be given latest thinking and topical practices in these key areas, along with new ideas and new techniques.

This masterclass covers the following IIA Global CPE competency areas:

  • Performance - (Organizational Governance)
  • Performance - (Engagement Planning)
  • Environment - (Social Responsibility and Sustainability)

Why join the event

Key takeaways of the program

RECEIVE a succinct, strategic introduction to these critical subjects

LEARN about latest thinking and topical practices in these areas

HEAR new ideas and techniques that will give you the confidence and skills to undertake effective internal audit assurance and consulting/advisory engagements in these areas

ASSIST you to effectively assess ESG risk and appropriate mitigation

GAIN access to additional resources to help you more effectively audit

LEARN what activity other organizations are undertaking in delivering ESG assurance

Who Should Attend

An event precisely for you

Chief Audit Executives
Chief Audit Executives
Heads of Internal Audit
Heads of Internal Audit
Internal Audit Managers & Team Leaders
Internal Audit Managers & Team Leaders
Risk & Compliance Professionals
Risk & Compliance Professionals
Assurance Professionals
Assurance Professionals
Sustainability Executives
Sustainability Executives

The speaker

Meet your trainer

John Chesshire, CFIIA, QIAL, CIA, CISA, has nearly 25 years' experience working in the internal audit, risk management, business improvement and governance fields. John is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute in the UK, is an Independent Internal Audit Committee Chair and has recently been Chief Assurance Officer for the States of Guernsey for ten years.

John designs and delivers insightful, cost-effective internal audit, fraud, risk management and governance training. He also undertakes challenging internal audit engagements, external quality assessments (EQAs) of internal audit functions and mentoring of internal auditors and heads of audit.

He has delivered many well-received courses to several European Institutes of Internal Auditors and his other recent clients include FTSE listed companies, multinationals, central and local government, law enforcement, international charities, professional services companies, and international organisation such as NATO, the OECD and UN Agencies.

John is a regular speaker at internal audit conferences in the UK, Ireland and further across Europe. He is a principal examiner for the Institute of Risk Management and has been a visiting lecturer in the Governance and Assurance Hub at Birmingham City University. He loves internal audit and particularly enjoys working in new and emerging areas of assurance interest.

John Chesshire CFIIA, QIAL, CIA, CISA

John Chesshire CFIIA, QIAL, CIA, CISA

JC Audit Training - UK

The Curriculum

What you’ll get from this exclusive event

Fresh Content

Knowledge is only useful when it is relevant. This event is based on the latest research, best practices and industry information. As a result, we close events with a strong knowledge base that helps achieve same-day results.


Meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals across the globe. Grow your professional network, exchange ideas, and learn more about the industry with your own peers, together.


Experience comes with practice, and this event will guide you on the right path in becoming a well renowned expert in your field. You will learn through a combination of lecture-based content, real-life case studies, and a more hands-on experience.

Q&A Session

By joining this class, you will be given the opportunity to constantly engage with your peers and raise your concerns, questions, or doubts you may have pertaining to the subject. And, receive well-founded, well-thought-out answers to your every need by leading experts in the industry. 

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