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2024-10-24 8:30

Course Overview

Interest in clean Hydrogen production has never been more intensive. The world is experiencing the steepest ever growth in population and energy consumption and companies are under pressure to move towards sustainable operation and are setting targets to achieve net-zero emissions. The role of Hydrogen as an alternative fuel is becoming more and more important in a global energy mix.

The 2nd edition of the Mastering Green Hydrogen Masterclass is a live, two-day course that will discuss different aspects of Hydrogen production and give an in-depth view of the hydrogen fuel cycle, from production to the consumers. It will provide a clear, business-focused picture of a complex clean Hydrogen value chain. It will further give a technological basis and economic framework and examples from industry sectors including transport, refining, ammonia production, heating and more.


Learning Objectives

By the conclusion of this course, delegates will have gained a thorough understanding of green Hydrogen based energy and the advantages and challenges related to it. Specifically, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Future energy mix and decarbonize economics
  • Hydrogen storage technologies
  • The role of Hydrogen in reducing greenhouse gases emission
  • The available Hydrogen transport technologies
  • Comparison of different Hydrogen transportation technologies
  • Hydrogen production pathways
  • Advantages of Green Hydrogen and its limitations
  • Comparison of different Hydrogen production technologies
  • Hydrogen safety standards
  • Energy network and the transition to Hydrogen as a fuel
  • Hydrogen in the different industry sectors
  • The economy of Hydrogen productions
  • Best practices and regulations, codes, and standards
  • Large scale Hydrogen projects
  • Hydrogen transport economics
  • Comparison of Hydrogen properties to other fuels

Why join the event

Key takeaways of the program

Understand Green Hydrogen and its principles

Understand the full cycle of hydrogen as a fuel from production to consumers

Gain a clear picture of global green Hydrogen trends and the state of the industry

Understand terminology, metrics and other related specifics related to Hydrogen

Learn how to identify safety challenges related to Hydrogen

Learn how to apply green Hydrogen in different industries

Develop needed skills for management of green hydrogen projects

Improve economics by introducing readiness to adopt future energy scenarios and generate new values

Who Should Attend

An event precisely for you

Renewable Energy Developers
Renewable Energy Developers
Natural Gas Producers
Natural Gas Producers
Industrial Hydrogen Users
Industrial Hydrogen Users
Fuel Cell Developers
Fuel Cell Developers
Hydrogen Engineers
Hydrogen Engineers
Sustainable Energy Experts
Sustainable Energy Experts

The speaker

Meet your trainer

Dr. Sanda Telen has been an independent oil and energy consultant since 2015, after spending 27 years in INA d.d. In 2016, she founded Oilcon Oil & Energy Consulting Company which provides technical support for the oil and gas industry and related businesses, the auto industry, distributors and traders, chemicals and additive producers and suppliers, industrial and independent laboratories, government and NGO bodies.

During her career in INA downstream, she held various positions, mainly focusing on downstream development. She started as an R&D engineer and later on held various managerial positions with increased responsibilities, managing advanced technologies, product development, and R&D laboratory.

Sanda is a recognised expert in conventional, biofuels and alternative fuels, with extensive experience in the crude selection process and formulation of finished products, as well as broad operational experience in product portfolio strategy, product recipes, formulations and additive selection, product quality road mapping and benchmarking and crude evaluation processes, with an emphasis on opportunity crudes with the management of operative crude basket. As a long time laboratory manager, she has a comprehensive knowledge of laboratory processes, including laboratory staff training and equipment selection as well as financing, benchmarking, efficiency improvement and total quality management processes.

In 2017 she was appointed as Editor in Chief of Fuels and Lubricants Magazine, published by the Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants. Sanda holds a University degree in Chemical Engineering, PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Business School Diploma.

Dr. Sanda Telen

Dr. Sanda Telen

Oilcon Oil & Energy Consulting

The Curriculum

What you’ll get from this exclusive event

Fresh Content

Knowledge is only useful when it is relevant. This event is based on the latest research, best practices and industry information. As a result, we close events with a strong knowledge base that helps achieve same-day results.


Meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals across the globe. Grow your professional network, exchange ideas, and learn more about the industry with your own peers, together.


Experience comes with practice, and this event will guide you on the right path in becoming a well renowned expert in your field. You will learn through a combination of lecture-based content, real-life case studies, and a more hands-on experience.

Q&A Session

By joining this class, you will be given the opportunity to constantly engage with your peers and raise your concerns, questions, or doubts you may have pertaining to the subject. And, receive well-founded, well-thought-out answers to your every need by leading experts in the industry. 

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