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2023-05-22 8:30

Course Overview

It’s over 25 years since the concept of the HRBP was developed by Dave Ulrich with the focus on four key roles, a strategic partner, a change agent, the employee champion and an administrative expert. There have been some challenges in adopting and evolving the role but the pandemic has reiterated the need for HR to get closer to the ever-changing business strategies and disruptions that drive increasingly demanding expectations of the workforce. These can relate to local remote working and hybrid strategies through to the development of new ways of working in an ever increasingly automated work environment. Whatever the challenge the HR function has to be closer to the business leaders and credibly deal with the wide-ranging issues that require support and resolution in an impactful way.

The HRBP has to become an even more crucial touch point for business leaders than ever before. That means dealing with an ever increasing need to demonstrate value and commercial insight and ensuring that the largely tactical, administrative function of the past becomes the strategic ‘added value’ function that focuses on resolving business problems, defining success of HR in commercial terms and builds the capabilities of the workforce so that they can deliver and support the achievement of the business’s strategies.

This is HR’s moment to lead their organizations in how to navigate the future. They have a real opportunity, and responsibility, to provide the whole workforce with guidance on the capabilities they will need to be successful over the next decade as change and new roles continue to emerge and evolve. HR has to be positioned ‘front and center’ as a strategic business driver to make this happen. The HRBP will be the crucial interface to make this happen – this opportunity cannot be missed!

This 2-day masterclass has been devised by Dave Millner based upon his deep experience and research into commercial HR functions, his 30 years global consulting work, his book called ‘An Introduction to People Analytics’ and the curation of “all things future” through @HRCurator. He aims to take a commercial, people-centric view of the HR function, assisting HR practitioners in how to utilize the key behaviors that make a real business impact and influence business leaders to embrace the people-centric approach that the pandemic has demanded. The programme will give participants the confidence to work with senior business leaders in a more challenging way, adopt behaviors and techniques that build credibility with them and make a real impact on business performance rather than simply delivering HR outcomes.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a sound understanding of the future demands that will be made of HRBP’s and through involving practical exercises and a range of different case studies, you will gain the practical skills in how to support business leaders in a more commercial and credible way. The format of the workshop will revolve around the principles of:

  • Knowledge sharing of case studies and frameworks.
  • Provide learning opportunities so that different techniques and ideas can be understood and tested out
  • Focus on how these techniques can be used back in the HRBP role

The whole workshop is designed to build the confidence of HR practitioners in how to work with and challenge business leaders in the identification of business problems and their resolution in a more robust and proactive way.

Dave will provide you with a full range of frameworks and examples that can help you build your confidence when working with business leaders. There will be opportunities to explore and test out various ideas and to establish what may work for you. This course will involve live interaction on practical examples and case studies to gain an experience of how to use the various techniques that will be shared throughout the two-day sessions.

Why join the event

Key takeaways of the program

Understand the opportunities that HR have to make a real business impact during 2023 and beyond

How to define success within the evolving HR Business Partner (HRBP) role

Develop growing confidence to behaviorally work with business leaders to address key commercial and strategic challenges

Practical guidance on tools, models and techniques that can help align HRBP’s with business leaders’ expectations, behaviors and challenges

Develop a clear plan of action that will drive changes in the way that the HRBP operates today

Evaluate your current capabilities against industry best practice

Who Should Attend

An event precisely for you

HR Business Partners
HR Business Partners
HR Professionals
HR Professionals
Organizational Development Partners
Organizational Development Partners
Learning & Development Managers
Learning & Development Managers
Employee Development Executives
Employee Development Executives
Training & Development Managers
Training & Development Managers

The speaker

Meet your trainer

Dave has a business background working in financial services in the area of retail and corporate lending and risk for some 8 years, followed by 30 years of internal and external HR consulting experience in NatWest/RBS, PSL, Kenexa and IBM as an occupational psychologist. Dave worked directly with different global and multi-national based organizations offering Organizational Effectiveness-based solutions focusing on future proofing their businesses.

He is a regular presenter at Global HR conferences promoting the role of technology, people analytics and the need for HR to be more commercial in its’ approach so that it can demonstrate tangible business value. His first book ‘Introduction to People Analytics’ on the changing role of HR and the increasing demand for data insights was published in April 2020.

He’s referenced as being a key influencer on Twitter via @HRCurator in a number of HR subject areas (over 32,000 followers).  He’s an Associate with Corporate Research Forum (CRF), GPS Asia, Hult Ashridge International Business School, the Centre for Effective Organizations (CEO) at the University of Southern California (USC) and is an Adviser to iPsychTec, a cultural analytics provider. He is one of Engage Employee’s Forward Thinkers for 2021 and 2022 and was one of HR Magazine’s Most Influential Thinkers in 2021.

Dave Millner

Dave Millner

Author, Futurist and Consulting Partner

The Curriculum

What you’ll get from this exclusive event

Fresh Content

Knowledge is only useful when it is relevant. This event is based on the latest research, best practices and industry information. As a result, we close events with a strong knowledge base that helps achieve same-day results.


Meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals across the globe. Grow your professional network, exchange ideas, and learn more about the industry with your own peers, together.


Experience comes with practice, and this event will guide you on the right path in becoming a well renowned expert in your field. You will learn through a combination of lecture-based content, real-life case studies, and a more hands-on experience.

Q&A Session

By joining this class, you will be given the opportunity to constantly engage with your peers and raise your concerns, questions, or doubts you may have pertaining to the subject. And, receive well-founded, well-thought-out answers to your every need by leading experts in the industry. 

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