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2023-09-27 8:30

Course Overview

A fundamental component of reward management for the Leadership team and Senior Executives is designing your remuneration to make them think and act like “owners” in the long-term interests of the company to really drive long-term return-on-investment for all stakeholders and owners. This masterclass will touch on all areas of “LTIPs” and “Executive Compensation”.

This training course is intended to enable participants to get a better understanding of the latest and most effective best-practice approaches for managing and implementing LTIPs (long-term incentive plans) for Senior Executives and members of the Leadership team, and give practical guidance to enable you to implement your own LTIP plans, and achieving better business results through a more effective approach to designing compensation techniques for your Leadership.

From driving leadership performance to ensuring alignment with organizational goals and shareholder expectations, a well-designed executive compensation plan is critical to business success. If you are looking to develop and structure an executive compensation plan for your organization or to update your existing plan, this one-day masterclass by Robert Mosley provides you with strategies, frameworks, and expert insights that will help you build a customized plan with incentive compensation contracts and policies to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Why join the event

Key takeaways of the program

Increase your business performance and employee effectiveness through implementing advanced compensation and reward systems that attract, retain and motivate leadership

Discover practical steps for designing and implementing LTIPs (long-term incentive plans)

Develop solutions for your own compensation and reward issues and challenges for your leadership team based upon practical case studies and interactive course discussions

Increase your business performance and leadership team effectiveness through implementing compensation and reward systems that attract, retain and motivate your senior leadership team whilst making them act and think like “owners”

Identify an effective executive compensation plan that fits your organization

Opportunities for networking in the breaks with your fellow course delegates and course tutor to discuss practical issues that will help you in your workplace

Collaborate with key stakeholders in the executive compensation planning process

Align organizational objectives and key metrics with executive compensation plan criteria

Who Should Attend

An event precisely for you

Advanced C&B Professionals
Advanced C&B Professionals
Total Rewards Professionals
Total Rewards Professionals
HR Leaders
HR Leaders
Executive Compensation & Remuneration Committees
Executive Compensation & Remuneration Committees
Management & Leadership Team
Management & Leadership Team
Performance Management Experts
Performance Management Experts

The speaker

Meet your trainer

Robert Mosley is in the highly prestigious and influential list by People-Hum of “The Top 100 Global Thought Leaders to Inspire You in 2021” and he was awarded the “Global HR Leadership Award” in 2017 by the World HR Congress to recognize his iconic contribution to the global C&B community over the past decade. He is one of the leading HR trainers in the world today, and he is currently in the “Global Guru #500 List” (covering all subjects, not just HR).

Robert is widely recognised in many industries and many countries as one of the leading global experts on compensation and benefits, and is also a leading expert in the more general field of human resources and performance management. His main areas of expertise and specialism are in the fields of job analysis, job descriptions, job evaluation, grading schemes, pay structures, allowances, bonuses and incentives, industrial relations and collective agreements, e-HR systems, performance management, performance appraisals, and all issues on compensation and benefits globally, especially in the GCC and Asia having worked in these regions for over 35 years.

Robert has over 35 years of experience in HR and C&B, and he developed a detailed interest in compensation and benefits when he was employed by Hay Group (Hay Management Consultants) in the UK and UAE from 1985-1990, during which time he became a recognised expert on HR issues in several industries, and did HR consulting working over 20 countries, mainly in the areas of compensation and total rewards. On leaving Hay Group, he joined Emirates Group and Emirates Airline based in Dubai where he worked for 13 years from 1990-2003 and he was promoted to SVP Human Resources with over 60,000 employees in 60 countries. At all times, Robert kept a detailed hands-on role on all remuneration policies globally. In 2003, Robert left Emirates Group to establish his own consulting business focusing on HR and C&B called Lemon Pip Consulting Limited, and over the past 18 years he has developed a very successful specialist consulting practice with over 800 clients globally. His two main areas of specialism are working with clients in the Middle East and Asia regions, and with clients in the global aviation industry (and indeed many other industries).

Robert Mosley

Robert Mosley

Global Remuneration Expert and HR Consultant, CEO
Lemon Pip Consulting Limited (UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia)

The Curriculum

What you’ll get from this exclusive event

Fresh Content

Knowledge is only useful when it is relevant. This event is based on the latest research, best practices and industry information. As a result, we close events with a strong knowledge base that helps achieve same-day results.


Meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals across the globe. Grow your professional network, exchange ideas, and learn more about the industry with your own peers, together.


Experience comes with practice, and this event will guide you on the right path in becoming a well renowned expert in your field. You will learn through a combination of lecture-based content, real-life case studies, and a more hands-on experience.

Q&A Session

By joining this class, you will be given the opportunity to constantly engage with your peers and raise your concerns, questions, or doubts you may have pertaining to the subject. And, receive well-founded, well-thought-out answers to your every need by leading experts in the industry. 

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